Thursday, June 12, 2008

Mark Strube Presents: Leisure (6/08)

This has to be my favorite mix in a long time. I keep coming back to the words "unique" and "new." This is a great set of everything from trip-hop to funk to electro pop. This isn't just for dancing or driving. It's for everything in-between. I hate even having to define it, so just do yourself a favor and give it a listen!

Track listing:

01. Unforscene - The Journey
02. Saucy - Through The Sky (Original Mix)
03. Mocean Worker - Only The Shadow Knows
04. Supreme Beings Of Leisure - The Light
05. Supreme Beings Of Leisure - Swallow
06. M.I.A. - Paper Planes (DFA Remix)
07. Supreme Beings Of Leisure - Ride
08. Mocean Worker - Salted Fatback
09. Unforscene feat. Alice Russell - Don't You Worry
10. Govinda - Breathe You In
11. Unforscene - In Pursuit Of
12. Govinda - Can't Forget The Day
13. Filterheadz pres. Orange 3 - In Your Eyes (Blue Mix)
14. Tying Tiffany - Honey Doll
15. Belleruche - Northern Girls


Anonymous laimis said...

Yeah, I will have to agree, this mix is special. It kind of caught me by surprise as I started listening before reading your description. For first two minutes I was waiting for this trance explosion, which never came. And that's alright, because I enjoyed the mix GREATLY.

12:57 PM  
Blogger James said...

Beautiful mix, just stumbled across your site looking for a track you have in one of your sets, really going to enjoy going through the rest of your mixes :)

10:58 PM  

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