Monday, November 14, 2005

If you would like any of my mixes in higher quality, I will send you a CD for free.

I DO NOT make money on this... that would be illegal, and this is purely for promotional purposes. (Note the fact that I give these all away for free on my site and podcast, taking immense bandwidth hits in the process.)

However, I must cover my shipping & handling costs to get the CD to you. Simply send me a PayPal donation of $3.00 for the first mix CD, and $.50 more for every additional CD, using the button below. Be sure to tell me in the payment comments which mixes you'd like, and be sure to select your correct shipping address.
(Outside the contiguous United States - $8.00 for the first mix and $1.00 more for every additional mix.)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

can you post the song list of progressive mix

2:56 PM  

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